12.2 upgrade - it can break all your outgoing https calls

Do you know about multiple domain certificates? If not you may have to learn quickly, because Oracle has changed the way they are handled in release 12.2. This is going to break a lot of applications.

Configuring Oracle Financial Accounting Hub


Configuring Oracle Financial Accounting Hub

Sending Email from PLSQL from Gmail


How to send Email in Oracle using Gmail.
Email sending by using Oracle through Gmail:

BEGIN EMAIL_GMAIL.SEND ('','','Your email subject','Emaisaaasdasal Message body'); END;

Upgrading to 12.2 ? Make sure you won't break JSON


Will upgrade from 12.1 to 12.2 break your applications? It may if your developers are using JSON.

Tuning with equivalent SQLs - a little challenge


I am fascinated by what I call "equal SQL": statements that are equivalent, in that they deliver the same result but may have hugely different performance characteristics. Here's a little case study.

Compression test, 12cR2


Just how effective is Hybrid Columnar Compression? This test shows that HCC is impressive, but that thought needs to be put into choice of compression algorithm.

12cR2 lots of new instance parameters


Comparing database 12cR1 release to 12cR2 release, I see these new parameters:

12cR2 new feature: online table move


Move a table without locks and without breaking indexes. That's pretty cool.

Transport Tablespace Testing from Msocial (Sparc) to STS VMWare (x86_64)

1. Platform
- Msocial: Sparc Solaris 10
- STS_VMWare: x86_64 Solaris platform
2. Utility: RMAN
3. Task list details
3.1. On Source (MSocial)
3.1.1. Create test user schema & generate data in

sys@MSOCIAL> create user msocialtest identified by msocial
  2  default tablespace users
  3  temporary tablespace temp
  4  quota unlimited on users
  5  /

User created.

sys@MSOCIAL> grant connect, resource, create session, dba to msocialtest;

Grant succeeded.


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